All About Crowns!

All About Crowns!

Perhaps your dentist has told you that you may need crowns on your teeth, but you don’t know what that means or what is out there when it comes to crowns and have questions…well we have answers!

A dental crown is usually suggested in family dentistry to protect a tooth that may have some concerns of decay. If it is a concern, a crown can protect the tooth by being placed over it. This will also be an easy fix for a broken or cracked tooth. Besides these oral concerns, dental crowns can also be used just for aesthetically pleasing smiles. If your tooth is misshapen or discolored, it may be suggested that a crown is the best option for you.

Okay, you agree with the dentist you need a crown, but what exactly are they made of?

There are different types of crowns that your dentist will go over with you. They will suggest which type would be the best for you. Here are the types below:

  • Metal: Metal crowns are very tough. If you have  a hard bite or grind your teeth, this may be the best option for you. They are the hardest to wear down and are the toughest of the crown choices out there. However, if you’re going for a subtle look, these may not be the crowns you are looking for as they hold their metallic color and tend to be noticeable.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel crowns are more often used with children because it is more of a temporary precaution until the permanent tooth comes in.
  • Porcelain/metal: Porcelain metal crowns may be more pleasing to the eye. These can be made to match in color to the rest of your teeth. However, while more pleasing looks wise, they are not as durable. If you do not have grinding or hard biting issues, then you may be okay with these. But they are more likely to chip or break off in the porcelain areas of the crown.
  • Resin: Resin crowns can be used as a less expensive alternative to other crowns. While they are less expensive, they are not usually suggested because they are more likely to break or wear down quicker.
  • Ceramic or all porcelain: These all-ceramic or all-porcelain options can be aesthetically pleasing and be a better option for those who may have allergies or are sensitive to metals.

We hope that we have provided any answers you were looking for about crowns. The best solution is to come and see us so that we can go over any concerns you may have and ease your mind about getting crowns.

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