Have You Flossed Today?

Have You Flossed Today?

The spaces between your teeth are the hardest for your toothbrush to reach and the most likely areas to build up plaque as a result. The solution? Flossing, of course!

We recommend that everyone floss at least once a day—every day—and here’s why.

When plaque is not removed by brushing or flossing it will eventually become a hard substance called tartar. Tartar build up leads to gum disease and cavities.

It’s not important if you floss in the morning or at night, just that you do it every day. If you think you’ll skip it at the end of the day because you’re just too tired and all you want to do is get to sleep, pick the mornings. If your mornings are rushed and it’s all you can do to brush your teeth before shooting out the door, then choose evenings for flossing.

Do you have kids at home? Don’t forget that they should be flossing daily too. If your child is too young to handle it on their own, then you should be flossing for them. Sometimes it’s helpful to use fun, pre-threaded floss holders as encouragement.

Give us a call anytime to schedule an appointment, ask about maintaining good oral health habits, or even what kind of floss we recommend. We’re here to help you keep your smile for a lifetime!

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