Why & How to Get Your Teeth Whitened

Why & How to Get Your Teeth Whitened

Sure, brushing and flossing your teeth everyday keeps your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

Still it is highly likely you’d notice that your teeth have somehow lost the spark they used to have. This happens, and you’re not alone to have noticed this color change of your teeth. That is why tooth whitening is the most sought after dental procedure in the United States.

Why Get Your Teeth Whitened?

Coffee, tea and red wine are some of the major agents that are responsible for staining our teeth. Similarly, smoking and tobacco consumption also wears the white enamel of our teeth. We continue to consume them anyways.

Other reasons our teeth naturally lose their pearly shine beyond our control are aging, medication side effects, or injury.

It is a big concern for many people who lose the whiteness of their teeth. It reduces their confidence, affects their personality and also their appearance. Luckily, the solution is an easy one – you can get your teeth whitened by a dentist.

How to Get Your Teeth Whitened

Now that you know the importance of teeth whitening, here are some of the modern ways that are recommended by dentists to restore the shine of your teeth:


This teeth whitening procedure is the most effective one. The bleaching hydrogen peroxide gel that the laser activates gives the quickest results of all teeth whitening processes. However, laser tooth whitening is not recommended to everyone and should only be carried out if a dentist suggests it after examining a person’s dental health and condition.

Teeth Whitening Gels

These gels give instant results and they differ on the basis of their concentration. They’re usually more preferable for those people who don’t want to bring the teeth whitening kits to their home and wear teeth whitening trays. Whitening gels are available for two kinds of customers, one who prefer to apply them during the day, and second who prefer to leave the gel on while they sleep at night.


This whitening treatment involves the use of gel that is applied to your teeth and a LED whitening lamp is used to perform the whitening with accelerated results. This requires 45 minutes and the color of your teeth improves by eight shades.

The importance of teeth whitening treatment cannot be ignored. However, no matter which procedure you choose for teeth whitening, it’s best that a dentist supervises them. If you’re looking for any cosmetic dental treatment including teeth whitening then contact Philip Younts DDS. We make sure that the teeth whitening procedure we recommend to you is the best one for you and will turn in only the exceptional results in your case.

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