“You Are What You… Drink?”

"You Are What You... Drink?"

The old phrase you are what you eat still holds true, because the nutrients, vitamins, fat we eat does affect our overall health ongoing. Your eating habits and how they impact your health also directly impact your smile. Sometimes, if you’re malnourished, your smile, your teeth and your gums are the first place it begins to show. Just as the foods we eat fuel our bodies and affect our oral health, so do the beverages we drink.
Summer is filled with all sorts of sweet treats and an increased thirst as we enjoy our summer activities in the blistering heat. Each beverage you choose is actively working to help or hinder your oral health. A few key suggestions from your pediatric dentist this summer to keep your family’s smiles dazzling:

  • Choose water! Water is always the safest bet for your physical health. Our bodies are composed of about 60% water which constantly has to be replenished. Just as water flushes out toxins throughout our bodies, it flushes out plaque building bacteria in the mouth.
  • Use a straw! We all like juices, soft drinks, and beverages bursting with flavor every once in a while. Using a straw cuts down on how much the acidity of the drink reaches your teeth. This can help tremendously with preventing tooth decay.
  • Try tea! Green tea is the optimal option because it has less stain causing tannins. However, many teas offer benefits to improving your oral health. The antioxidant compounds in tea help combat the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria that develop tooth decaying plaque. Not convinced yet? Green Tea even has anti-inflammatory benefits that can help against gum disease. The only top is to try to avoid adding sugars and sweeteners to your tea.

These are just a few ideas and positive choices that you can make on a daily basis to improve your oral health. For additional information or to schedule your cleaning, contact Younts DDS Family Dentistry at 513-481-7766. We are here to help you protect the smile you’ll have for a lifetime.

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