Dental Hygiene 101

Dental Hygiene 101

“Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile.”

We’re sure the quote has a psychological meaning but it can be taken in the literal sense too. The ‘world’ as in the surrounding environment, i.e. the food you eat, the bacteria in the atmosphere surrounding you, all of it has a role to play in disturbing your dental hygiene. How well you watch out against it and protect your smile and gums is all up to you.

Let us help you run through some quick basics of maintaining dental health.

Brush those pearly whites regularly

Regular brushing twice a day is recommended by all professionals. It is a healthy habit to brush after every meal in case you’re extra sensitive about your oral hygiene. There are small particles of food that remain lodged in the spaces between your teeth and these are only removed by brushing. Ignoring these little bits can cause long term damage by allowing bacteria to build up and cause decay of the food as well as your teeth.

Use floss for the extra fine spaces

Flossing might be a hectic chore to undertake however it allows you to clean fine spaces that are otherwise missed by the bristles on a toothbrush because they are a tad bigger in size. Floss is recommended at least once a day before brushing because it allows toothpaste to reach and rinse more parts of the oral cavity as compared to without floss.

Avoid sugars, carbonated drinks and tobacco

Carbonated drinks are loaded with sugars and carbon dioxide. These elements corrode the enamel covering the teeth as well as damage the gums surrounding them. The flesh starts receding and the protective covering on the teeth deteriorates leaving your mouth exposed to bacterial growth that can lead to foul smell and severe damage and diseases.
Tobacco smoke or chewing it causes discoloration of teeth. Smoking has also been dubbed as one of the leading causes of oral cancer. Tobacco usage in any form is therefore strictly discouraged for individuals looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Visit a dentist regularly

Despite all the precautionary measures, it happens sometimes that you miss a few fine details or a dental ailment comes along anyway. It is important therefore to visit a dental practitioner at least once a month for a check up to ensure everything is in order and no harmful agents that present in the oral cavity.

Protecting your smile while you still have teeth is important because you are going to lose them to old age at one point in time. However, if you neglect them, there might be other factors that contribute to you losing teeth before the prescribed age. Brushing and flossing regularly, avoiding sugary treats, carbonated drinks and tobacco plus visiting a dentist once a month are some of the basic tips to help prolong the life of your teeth.

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