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I began going to Dr. Younts in 11/2011 due to an insurance change. I was very disappointed at having to change as I had been going to my current dentist for 20+ years and it took me a while to come to trust them, but I have come to trust and love them already. I didn’t think it was possible to find another dentist office I trusted.

Well, I was WRONG.

Because of ALL the doctors and dentist offices I have been to, Dr. Younts’ office tops them all. I have several offices that I go to and the staff is all very nice, but if there is any way possible to top that, Dr. Younts and his staff does just that. They are VERY nice, kind and so very gentle. If you are in need of a dentist please give him a try. You won’t be sorry. I love the entire staff at this office.

– Debra Weber

My relationship with Dr. Younts began nine years ago when my family moved to Cincinnati. I called the Dentistry referral 1-800 number to begin my search for a local dentist. This was not my preferred way of finding a dentist, but not knowing anyone in the area it was the only way to go. This turned out to be the best referral/choice I could have made.

I am from a generation that going to the dentist meant P A I N with a capital “P.” On my first visit to Dr. Younts, I expressed my concerns. He assured me that he would be gentle, he understood my fear and would do everything he could to ease my anxiety and made recommendations on what we needed to do to promote good dental hygiene. Sometimes that means performing procedures that trigger unpleasant, painful memories as a child.

Dr. Younts has just performed one of those preventative procedures and I can tell you that I was nervous… no, that is not a strong enough word – petrified, heart palpitations, sweat… the whole nine years. As always, I was worrying for nothing. Dr. Younts made the experience absolutely painless, I mean the whole nine yards, shot to numb the gum, drilling, filling and capping the tooth. By the time we were 5 minutes into the procedure, I was no longer gripping the arms of the chair, my heart stopped palpitation and I was actually relaxed.

Dr. Younts puts up with my hesitation every single visit and continues to be gentle, professional and I am a real whiner.

After every procedure, we receive a personal follow-up call from Dr. Younts to see if we are still comfortable and to ask if we are having any problems.

My thanks to Dr. Younts and his Staff.

– Gloria Harris

I don’t know what was worse, the fear of dental pain or the inevitable lecture of my poor dental health from dentists I’d seen in the past. Because of these, I’d let my dental health decline and would only go if I had to. Then, my friend told me about Dr. Younts, whom she worked for. Never did I get a stern lecture. Only sound dental health advice. Dr. Younts also realized my high anxiety during the initial visits relating to any form of dental pain. When it came time to start repairing the years of neglect, he always made sure I was comfortable and went only at a pace I could handle. The staff is always friendly and attentive and equally conscious of patient comfort. While a trip to the dentist is not on my all time favorite list, I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Younts’ office every six months. Do yourself a favor! Make your appointment today!

– Dan Emmerich

I have been a patient of Dr. Philip Younts for over 20 years. During this time I have had extensive dental procedures done and have been absolutely pleased with the final results that have been provided to me. On my last procedure, Dr. Younts spent a lot of time with showing me the final bridgework that I would be getting and it really helped me to see what the outcome would be. His office staff has always been very friendly and has gone out of their way in scheduling my appointments around my busy schedule. I would recommend anyone and have recommended family members to his practice.

– Steve Raker

I strongly encourage people in the area to visit Dr. Philip Younts for dental care. As a new resident to the area, finding the right dentist was a challenge that I was not prepared for and unfortunately it was an emergency root canal that brought me to his office. I consider myself very fortunate that I was under his care. His office staff was quick to work me into his schedule and made the new patient paperwork a breeze. Dr. Younts is a superior dentist and has a very good approach to dental care that put me immediately at ease. He is detailed in describing the procedure and is aware of patient comfort and pain management throughout the process! I would highly recommend Dr. Younts – his knowledge and expertise in the latest procedures of dentistry, his friendly nature, and qualified staff create an atmosphere of relaxation and confidence that you are truly in good hands.

Khristine Schwoeppe

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