Keep Your Teeth: Food Your Dentist Won’t Touch

Keep Your Teeth: Food Your Dentist Won't Touch

There’s a lot of coverage about what to eat for our overall health, but sometimes we all forget to consider what foods are best for our oral health. If you’re as concerned about the health of your teeth – and you should be – as the rest of your body, consider eliminating these types of foods from your diet.

The obvious culprit in wreck the health of your teeth here is sugar, but there are additional reasons that candy isn’t a food your dentist wants to see you indulge in.

Hard candies that stay in your mouth for long periods often cause demineralization in certain spots, where the candy sits for extended periods. This means there’s a concentrated build up of acid, which is never good for teeth.

Sticky candies may be even worse for your teeth since they have a tendency to stay put for even longer, particularly in hard to reach areas like recesses in molars.

Soda and Sports Drinks
Again, the high level of sugar in these types of drinks makes them an unhealthy choice all around. Sugars from drinks like this can stick to teeth and cause all kinds of problems. When it comes to hydration, the best choice for your teeth is always water.

While they contain plenty of Vitamin C, citrus fruits also have a dark side, at least when it comes to our teeth. Too much citrus can erode enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decay.

Starches are essentially sugars in disguise and in the case of chips and similar snacks, they can have the same damaging effect on teeth as sugar. When these snacks get trapped in the recesses of teeth it can cause accelerated decay, just like sugary snacks.

So what should you eat and drink? Healthy choices include milk, water, green tea, lean meats and fish, vegetables and non-citrus fruits, and cheese. With a list like that, finding something delicious to eat shouldn’t be too hard!

If you have concerns about your dental health or need to schedule a routine appointment, give us a call. We’re always happy to help you achieve the best oral health possible.

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