The Tooth Fairy Loves Healthy Teeth – and She Works for You

The Tooth Fairy Loves Healthy Teeth - and She Works for You

Holidays are rife with benevolent characters that inspire children to be on their best behavior. The same can be true of a magical creature that probably visits your house a few times a year, every year, for a decade or longer: the Tooth Fairy.

Most U.S. families are visited by the Tooth Fairy (in 2013 it was estimated to be 86% of households), which offers nearly everyone a great opportunity to encourage excellent oral health in exchange for special prizes whenever baby teeth fall out.

If you want to take advantage of this great teaching tool, consider these points when introducing the Tooth Fairy to your children.

  • Start young. Even before your child loses the first baby tooth, introduce them to the Tooth Fairy and her role in bringing coins or prizes in exchange for baby teeth that are no longer needed by children. Explain that the Tooth Fairy is only interested in healthy teeth that have been well cared for, which is a good reason to brush twice a day!
  • Could the Tooth Fairy leave notes at your house? When you notice that your child is doing an especially good job keeping their teeth clean or maybe after a good report from the dentist, write a special note from the Tooth Fairy to your child full of congratulations.
  • Have the Tooth Fairy leave special gifts that relate to good oral health. Find a toothbrush with a popular cartoon character, a tube of fruity toothpaste (with fluoride, of course), or sugarless gum to leave in addition to (or in place of) the traditional coin.

We want to help protect your child’s smile for a lifetime. Give us a call if you have questions about your child’s dental health or would like to set up an appointment for treatment.

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