Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes

Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes

We all know we are supposed to brush after every meal, floss daily, and see our dentist twice a year. Even so, not many of us have a perfect track record when it comes to dental hygiene. So it’s no surprise that there are a few other basic rules that we’ve overlooked as well. Are you guilty of these blunders?

  • Snapping your floss. Flossing is important to prevent gum disease, but pulling it too tightly can injure your gums. Guide it loosely between your teeth and gums in a zigzag motion to get the benefits without the bleeding.
  • Brushing too hard. Overbrushing doesn’t give you cleaner teeth, but it does lead to tooth sensitivity and receding gums. If you can’t resist, opt for a soft toothbrush.
  • Brushing immediately after a meal. Food acids temporarily weaken the enamel on the teeth. Wait 30 minutes after eating to brush so you aren’t brushing away the enamel before it hardens.
  • Begin brushing in the same place every time. Odds are, your mind wanders as you brush and by the time your done, you aren’t brushing as well as when you started. If you start in a different part of your mouth each time, the same teeth won’t always hog your full attention.
  • Forgetting your tongue. Gently brush your tongue every time you brush to eliminate bacteria hiding around your taste buds.

While these guidelines won’t eliminate your risk for dental problems, they will certainly extend the health of your gums and teeth. Even the most hygienic people can encounter dental issues, so it’s also important to have a family dentist you can trust. Contact Dr. Younts today.

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